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Fitness / Weight Management

Did You Know?

Exercise and healthy eating helps you stay at a healthy weight, improves your overall health, and prevents disease.

What Can I Try?

  • Get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity (walking, biking, skiing, etc.) per week. That’s 30 minutes, five times per week.

  • Eat a balanced diet, avoiding high-fat, high-calorie and high-sodium foods.

  • Ask a health care professional about a personalized plan for healthy eating and exercise if you are looking to lose weight.

Who Can Help?

Essentia Health Ely Clinic
300 W Conan St
Ely, MN

Northwoods Partners
Exercise groups for seniors
328 W Conan St

Studio North
Fitness classes, weight room, personal training
1550 E Washington St
Ely, MN

Heavy Metal Sports
Training center and fitness classes
27 E Chapman St

Need More Help?

If you are unsure of what to do next and need more help, contact Pathways to Wellness at 218-365-7929
to be connected with a Care Facilitator.